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Our dedicated staff is constantly striving to impart quality education to students and At QCFT, our academic work is a joint effort/enterprise of faculty, management, staff- administration and maintenance. QCFT is a center for integrated research, education, enterprise incubation and outreach in the area of food sciences and food technology. we believe that success of an Institution hinges primarily on its ability to nurture talent and unlock potential of people. QCFT considers academic and non- academic staff as partners in our collaborative endeavor to realize the Institute vision.

We believe that an Institute is as good as its people. To ensure our people are the repository of best talent, we create opportunities for continuous learning and self-development through training on various latest cutting- edge skills in the Food Science and Technology Domain.

We believe they are the drivers of our growth and the real reason for our success. The power of this capital is reflected in everything we do, whether it is improving process efficiencies, initiating new ideas for sustainable growth or any other improvement.

Our team comprises experienced, highly-motivated and skilled personnel from various disciplines and diverse backgrounds that blend into a common work ethos that fosters excellence and continuous growth.
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Dr. Shazia Nahri M.B.B.S., DPB Chief Administrator
2 Dr. Wazid Ali Khan M.Tech , Ph.D. (Food Sci.) Principal
3 Mr. Katke S.D. M.Tech. Vice-Principal
4 Dr. M. Selva Muthukumaran M.Tech , Ph.D. (Food Sci.) Associate Professor
5 Dr. Ruma Ganguly M.Sc. , Ph.D. (Biotechnology.) Associate Professor
6 Mrs. Meghna Badjate M.Sc. (Bio-Techology) Associate Professor
7 Mrs. Farah Khan M.Sc. (Microbiology) Associate Professor
8 Mr. Abdul Raheem M.Tech. (Food Sci.) Assistant Professor
9 Mr. Quadri Ameruddin M.S. (Food Sci.) M.B.A. (Mktg) Assistant Professor


Mrs. Syeda Sobia B.Sc. M.Sc. (Zoology) Assistant Professor
11 Mr. Survase V.S M.Tech (Food Tech) Assistant Professor
12 Ms. Gade Sanghmitra M.Tech. (Food Sci.) Assistant Professor
13 Mrs. Namrata Giri M.Tech. (Food Sci.) Assistant Professor


Mr. Lalit Sonar M.Tech. (Food Tech) Assistant Professor


Mr. Abdul Aziz Ansari B.Tech. (Food Sci.) Senior Research Assistant


Non Teaching Staff
16 Mr. Siddiqui Mukarram M.Com Section Officer
17 Mr. R.S. Gaikwad. M.Lib. & I.Sc. Librarian
18 Mr. Shabbir Shaker B.Com Public Relation Officer
19 Mr. Samit Deshmukh M.A., Dip. In Computer (H.N) Technical Officer
20 Mr. Hameed Khan 12th Lab Assistant
21 Mr. Khalid Al-Aamari B.Com

Lab Assistant

22 Mr. Sunil Takpir B.A

Lab Assistant

23 Mr. Prafull Kanehkar B.Sc.

PA to CA

24 Mr. Syed Khaja 4th Gardener
25 Mr. S. Ade. 12th Head Peon
26 Mr. Mohd. Shawez 10th Peon
27 Mr. Md. Ateeq -- --
28 Mr. Md. Siraj -- --
29 Mr. Yasir -- --
30 Mr. Abdul Javed -- --

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